Atri City

7 August 2023

Atri City

40 minutes (35.3 km) from Residence Kiara.

Atri, a splendid city of art close to the Teramo coast, has very ancient origins (7th-5th century BC).
It was an important colony in Roman times, it underwent barbarian invasions and foreign dominations during the Middle Ages and was then reborn under the control of the Acquavivas.

Even today, the historic center evokes the charm of this long history: historic monuments and buildings, churches, museums, suggestive views, these are the many pieces of the enchanting mosaic that Atri offers its visitors.

In Piazza Duomo the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta stands up and dates back to the 13th century. Its four portals from the XIII-XIV century are of remarkable workmanship, while the interior with three naves has a square apse with a wonderful cycle of frescoes by the fifteenth-century Abruzzese artist Andrea De Litio. The adjoining museum preserves precious relics: painted majolica, ivory and silver crosses and pastorals, illuminated manuscripts, statues and mosaics from the oldest buildings. Also important are the cloister with two orders and the bell tower finished in the 15th century by Antonio da Lodi. Also in Piazza Duomo, the portico with round arches of Palazzo Mambelli, the Bishop’s Palace and the Seminary belonging to the late sixteenth century. The 19th-century Teatro Comunale, known as the Bomboniera, is perfectly preserved due to its size (300 seats) and enviable acoustics. its three tiers of boxes and gallery.

The Palazzo Ducale degli Acquaviva, the current seat of the Town Hall, is majestic, a sort of fortress entirely in stone, built in the first half of the fourteenth century and remodeled in the eighteenth century. The facade hides a Renaissance courtyard surrounded by a loggia with inscriptions and Roman remains.

Between art and nature, the landscape of the Atrian hills fascinates with the spectacular presence of the gullies, real natural sculptures, born from the millennial erosion of the clayey soil, creating an almost lunar landscape and scenario. Atri certainly deserves a visit for all the beauties it preserves, evidence of a very rich civil and artistic history. The town can be reached by taking the A14 motorway towards Pescara, exiting at the Atri-Pineto tollbooth and following the signs for Atri.

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