To see in Giulianova

7 August 2023

To see in Giulianova

Monuments, Churches and Sanctuaries in Giulianova

San Flaviano Cathedral – 15th century With an octagonal plan, surmounted by a dome covered with scale bricks. It probably stands on the remains of an ancient temple.
Santa Maria a mare – Very ancient church, prior to the XII century. In Romanesque style with a beautiful thirteenth-century portal, it is a national monument.
Torrione Bianco – is the largest of the ancient walls that surrounded the ancient Castel San Flaviano. Headquarters of the archaeological museum of the finds found in the original Roman colony Castrum Novum, from the 3rd century. B.C.
Church of S. Antonio – built in 1560 in Romanesque style, recently restored.
Sanctuary of the Madonna dello Splendore – is dedicated to the Madonna who, according to tradition, appeared on 22 April 1557 to a humble farmer named Bertolino, to whom she asked for the honor of a sanctuary, promising graces and favors to her devotees. The convent of the Capuchin friars is annexed to the building. Inside the statue of the Virgin and the miraculous well where her apparition took place. The complex includes a beautiful Via Crucis, the Museo d’Arte dello Splendore and the Padre Candido Donatelli convent library.
Sala Raffaello Pagliaccetti – houses important works by the sculptor of Giulianova (1838 – 1900), a leading exponent of Florentine realism.
Casa Vincenzo Cermignani – painter from Giulianova (1900 – 1971) exiled to France as a political victim.
Cappella de’ Bartolomei – noble chapel built in 1876, collects bas-reliefs and sculptures by Pagliaccetti.
Casa Gaetano Braga – birthplace of the well-known cellist from Giulia of the 19th century, author of the famous serenade “The Wallachian legend”. Today it is a musical documentation center.
Monument to Vittorio Emanuele II – bronze work by Pagliaccetti, in memory of the King’s visit to the city in October 1860, on the way to meet Garibaldi in Teano.
“Vincenzo Bindi” Civic Art Gallery – spread over six rooms, on the upper floor of the municipal library

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