Wines and typical dishes

7 August 2023

Wines and typical dishes

Among the typical products of Abruzzo, extra virgin olive oil and wine are certainly the most popular; Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Colline Teramane is today a Controlled and Guaranteed Designation of Origin.

From Controguerra to Colonnella, from Sant’Omero to Ancarano, the particular structure of the soil and a particularly suitable climate have favored the production of this wine with peculiar organoleptic characteristics that are well suited to aging. Ideal pairing with grilled red meats, sauces and aged cheeses.
If it’s not red… it’s white, the Trebbiano d’Abruzzo Doc produced from the vine of the same name, finds its maximum expressiveness when accompanied by renowned fish dishes.

The cultivation of olive trees in our area dates back to Roman times. Extra virgin olive oil is produced from olives of some main varieties such as Tortiglione, Leccino, Frantoio, Carboncella, Pendolino. In particular, the variety of olive tree called Tortiglione has the typical twisted trunk and produces an oil very rich in polyphenols, with a characteristic and intense aromatic flavour.

The gastronomy, then, is a real triumph of flavors: from pasta to meat, from fish to vegetables, everything is expertly cooked according to tradition.
And so, if the coast offers tasty fish-based dishes, the inland towns offer meat-based delicacies but also cod and stockfish.

Local dishes
First courses: scrippelle timbale, macaroni alla chitarra with balls of meat, pasta and beans, pappardelle with duck sauce, sweet ricotta ravioli, Teramo virtues only on May 1st, spaghetti alla marinara, gnocchi with fish sauce, sea and mountains.
Second courses: Callara sheep, Teramo mozzarella, roasted meat and pork liver sausages, baked lamb, Genoese, grilled mutton, mutton skewers, stewed kid, porchetta, Canzanese turkey, fish broth, mixed fried of fish.
Desserts: calcionetti, sfogliatelle, bocconotti, sweet Easter pizza, jam tart, traditional cake.

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